Ceramic Straighteners

Ceramic hair straighteners are virtually impossible to miss while searching for the best hair irons. But why is that? What makes them so popular? Well, for starters this incredible heating material has long replaced basic metal plates due to its extra smooth surface, equal heat distribution and versatile styling. Metal plates heat up unevenly and produce hot spots which cause burning in some areas of your hair while other areas don’t receive any heat at all.

Ceramic straighteners work with infrared technology to lock in the hair’s moisture, giving you vibrant and healthy looking locks. Ceramic hair straighteners also use ionic technology which consists of the ceramic plates releasing negative charges when the iron is heated. These negative charges cancel out the positive charges which are responsible for causing hair to dry and frizz, so as you straighten or style your hair you’ll notice how much more relaxed, smooth and shiny it looks.

Apart from extremely effective, they heat up in just a few seconds and straighten the hair faster too. This means the hair is exposed to less heat and you won’t get tired in the process. They also offer a long lasting effect on your hair as they can help in preserving the shine and smoothness of your locks. Ceramic straighteners are light, heat resistant and are designed to give the users a better grip while styling. What’s more, they usually come with adjustable heat settings that make it easier for you to use a low temperature if you have thin or fine hair and a higher temperature if you have thick, coarse or curly hair. Now, remember not to be fooled into thinking that ceramic coated plates are the same as solid ceramic.

Ceramic coated just means that they are metal plates with a thin layer of ceramic which eventually will peel off, causing your hair to get stuck and scraped when it passes through the irons. Ceramic hair straighteners come in a wide variety of models and styles so don’t rush to the first one you see on the shelf, choose carefully and make sure the iron you intend on trusting your hair with has all the features you need.